Search Engine Optimisation

Attract more of that sweet organic traffic to your website with our meticulous search engine optimisation.

So you have this shiny new website, but where are all your visitors? When it comes to finding a new product or service, the first thing most people do is Google it. Let’s say Brett has just created a new website for his plumbing business in Auckland. Brett tells his pal Brian to go ahead and look him up. Unfortunately, in a time of need, Brian has forgotten the name of Brett’s business, and after several pages of Googling ‘Auckland plumbing services’ he gives up and goes with Sarah’s Plumbing Limited instead - why? Because it was on the first page of Google results. The reason it’s on the first page is because Sarah puts extensive work on a monthly basis in her SEO.

In order for search engines to understand where to place you in the thousands of searches about your product or service each day, they need to understand that you are not only a relevant result in regards to the search conducted, but also that you are trustworthy and authentic. The team at Web Brew offers varying levels of SEO packages to keep those enquiries coming. You might already have a reputable brand and a loyal audience, but who’s to say you can’t take that a step further.

Search Engine Optimisation

75% of users never click past Google’s first page of search results

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine

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